For a university module, I was asked to create a moving image piece based on the #metoo campaign. 

#MeToo was started by Tarana Burke who says “This is a movement that deals specifically with sexual violence, and it is a framework for how to do the work of ending sexual violence.” The #MeToo movement had already been around for years before it started gaining national attention after allegations of sexual assault and harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein began emerging.

Projects like this facilitate conversations about women’s issues around the world, and have elevated the global consciousness surrounding the obstacles women encounter in their daily lives, both personal and professional.


"Being WEAK doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not STRONG."

"BROKEN. In time, the pieces will slowly reform."

"Stand up for yourself. SAY IT."

"Are you TIRED of comments like; 'that was impressive for a girl'?"

“Shh, don’t tell anyone I pinched your arse at work.”

"Are you really OK? Or is something on your mind? It's OK not to be OK."

“Yes I want to carry on with my job, No I don’t enjoy the sexist behaviour that comes with the job."

"‘It’s going down’... when you just want to enjoy a night out with your friends and you experience men groping you with assertive behaviour. It’s a firm NO."

"And finally...Just Be Kind."

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