Small creative inventions in lockdown. 

Plans for my final term of my Graphic Design degree came to a halt due to the Coronavirus and this meant that we had to come up with new ways of being creative. My work so far has focused on the subject of water with two words in mind, change and connection. 

The pandemic has changed our ways of being innovative with problem solving and creativity. Luckily, with the help of technology, we are all still connected virtually with one another. During the period of lockdown, I decided to walk around my area of Bedminster in Bristol for inspiration of a sense of community that connects us all (outside of the virtual world). 

In our one hour of exercise allowed per day, I walked two miles around Bedminster and noticed many water drains with distinctive patterns. In a time of isolation, locked in our own homes, I decided to document our connection outside through our water supply. I sketched crayon rubbings of different drain patterns in one neighbourhood and created a concertina booklet which connects the outcomes of artwork with one another.

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