In one word, sum up how the sea makes you feel.

I created a small booklet of words to describe our feelings of being by the sea. I asked as many people as possible and gathered 44 responses...

Alert. Alive. Awake. Beautiful. Calm. Clean. Cold. Connected. Content. Energetic. Excited. Fierce. Flow. Fresh. Grateful. Happy. Humble. Insignificant. In tune. Invigorated. Mindful. Patient. Pause. Peaceful. Perspective. Powerful. Safe. Salty. Sandy. Slow. Small. Strengthened. Strong. Therapeutic. Tired. Relaxed. Relieved. Respect. Rested. Revitalised. Vibrant. Warm. Weightless. Zen. 

I really enjoyed this little project because it was really inspiring to hear many individual responses. I used a minimal design approach to bring attention to the words and printed on recycled paper stock with a small amount of ink to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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