A dedication to our seas.
From a seas perspective.

For a university project, I created a poetic and abstract short film to raise awareness of Sea Level Rising & Plastic Pollution from the perspective of the Sea. An honest documentation of a short visual story simply narrating the truth of what is happening in our changing climate.

Repeatedly seeing disasters in the news and on the web makes us desensitised. If we changed the perspective and turned the viewer into the subject itself, this could create a whole new meaning. To be the victim in the harsh reality we are facing would allow us to empathise and inspire people to act. 

This film adopts the perspective of the sea looking onto land. To raise awareness of the current climate problems such as Sea Levels Rising and Plastic Pollution. In order to help save our planet, the government needs to wake up. This film is targeted to them and the major corporations that put pressure on our fast-changing climate.

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