Shirley May Bakes is a local cake service offering freshly baked cakes for takeaway and local delivery in St Agnes Cornwall. The founder Cath wanted to get involved in the creative process to add a personal touch to her business. This has always been a passion project of hers in memory of her Mother (Shirley).

Instagram & Facebook @shirleymaybakes

I really enjoy involving the client in the development as much as possible as it builds a strong relationship between myself and the client and by doing this, I get to know them that little bit more. 

I worked closely with the founder to create the visual identity of Shirley May Bakes including logo design, aprons with embroidery, business cards, leaflets, photography and social media content.

For the logo design, we both sketched various ideas with different forms of calligraphy and lettering. After finalising the appropriate design, I combined the first letter of the each word to form the logo. This was then digitally developed and used for social media platforms and business cards.

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