“To improve a lost connection with nature and our own well-being.” 

Thera-Sea provides stress management retreats by the coast that are educational and exciting in equal parts. Whilst taking well-being back to basics within nature, Thera-Sea’s experienced professionals are passionate about giving people the tools they require to manage stress and improve well-being. The educational course breaks free from outdated preconceptions and enables people to take back control of their lives through a lifestyle approach to health. This zine is designed to help educate people about alternative treatments for mental health issues and to influence more people to get outside in the depths of nature.

If more people were educated around mental health, they would be able to understand alternative treatments that help get to the root causes. The good news is, there is a proven way to successfully manage stress and improve well-being. It’s called progressive lifestyle medicine and Thera-Sea is dedicated to this new highly effective way of thinking. Learn to master your own well-being with workshops delivered to you by the founder; mental health nurse, stress management consultant and keen adventurer; Katy Griffin. 

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